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Dress Code

The dress standard requirement is based on neat and tidy attire (including proper footwear) with an appropriate level of personal hygiene being adhered to at all times.

The level of appropriate attire and standard of personal hygiene will be determined by the Club at its sole discretion.

The following are not permitted at any time within the Gaming, Bistro, Bars and or Function rooms of the Club:

  • Stained, torn, dirty, ripped or excessively frayed clothing
  • Clothing with obscene or offensive slogans or pictures
  • Beachwear, board shorts or swim suits
  • Hats, caps or beanies (except for medical or religious reasons)
  • Unpleasant levels of personal hygiene which are offensive to others
  • Excessively dirty/stained outdoor work attire of any description
  • Any other clothing deemed not to be neat and tidy by Management

The following relaxed dress standards are permitted in the CLUB BAR and Outdoor Deck until 9pm:

  • Men’s Singlets, muscle shirts, tank tops
  • Outdoor work attire
  • Steel cap boots and any other forms of work boots