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Sports Club Membership is available for $5.00 per year, $8.00 for 2 years or $10.00 for 3 years, for all persons who have attained the age of 18 years.

Membership is valid for either one, two or three years from date of application (depending on which membership chosen).

Please note: Photo Identification is required for membership application to be processed

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RSL Membership is available to those persons eligible to join the RSL at an annual membership fee of $45. RSL membership year is January 1st to December 31st . RSL membership is inclusive of a Sports Club house membership for the 12 month period of membership.

RSL Membership is not available for periods longer than 1 year.


Membership Renewals, a grace period of 30 days is provided for all renewals. Renewal applications must be accompanied by the existing membership card. Renewal fee prices are the same as for new memberships applications.

Failure to renew the membership within the 30 days from renewal date will result in the members details being purged from the Membership data base.

Dress Code

The dress standard requirement is based on neat and tidy attire (including proper footwear) with an appropriate level of personal hygiene being adhered to at all times.

The level of appropriate attire and standard of personal hygiene will be determined by the Club at its sole discretion.

The following are not permitted at any time within the Gaming, Bistro, Bars and or Function rooms of the Club:

  • Stained, torn, dirty, ripped or excessively frayed clothing
  • Clothing with obscene or offensive slogans or pictures
  • Beachwear, board shorts or swim suits
  • Hats, caps or beanies (except for medical or religious reasons)
  • Unpleasant levels of personal hygiene which are offensive to others
  • Excessively dirty/stained outdoor work attire of any description
  • Any other clothing deemed not to be neat and tidy by Management

The following relaxed dress standards are permitted in the CLUB BAR and Outdoor Deck until 9pm:

  • Men’s Singlets, muscle shirts, tank tops
  • Outdoor work attire
  • Steel cap boots and any other forms of work boots

Members and Guests

Please swipe your card on entry & sign in any guests.

Members are entitled to sign in up to six guests at any one time.

Please note that the same guest may only be signed in six times in any 12 month period.

Visitors and Bona Fide Guests

Honorary membership is available as follows:

  • All honorary membership enquiries are to be made to club reception.
  • Territorians who live more than 50km from the club, may be granted honorary membership for a period no greater than 48 hrs.
  • Interstate & International Visitors may be granted Honorary Membership for up to 28 days.
  • Honorary Membership cards/slips must be produced at Reception for each entry to the Club.
  • Honorary Members are not permitted to purchase products from the Bottle Shop, nor sign in visitors or guests.
  • Honorary Members are not eligible for any Member promotions.

Link to the - House Rules

Membership application form

Click here to download the PSC Members Application Form

Download the Palmerston Sports Club membership application and bring your completed form to the Palmerston Sports Club reception with your ID and we will issue your membership card on the spot.

Join for 12 months for just $5, $8 for 2 years and $10 for 3 years!